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NYC Real Estate Tech week by Facilio
Inside Facilio
Sucharita Bhadriraju

What’s awaiting you at the NYC Real Estate Tech Week 2019

As a professional in the commercial real-estate sector, you are probably surrounded by new technologies and solutions. No doubt the changing scenario is driving your curiosity about how to best utilize the emerging disruptors in this competitive market. What is the significance of enterprise-scale IoT

Facilities Management
Priya Shankar

How to wield simplified FDD to fix building anomalies in real-time?

Today, as pressurized Facilities Managers rummage through software tools to predict building performance and plan operations better, they harbor mixed thoughts. It’s a constant conflict between “Can I?” and “I’ll seek the vendor’s help”. A classic example – FDD. Predominantly a cumbersome package that’s quintessential

FM Growth
Mukil Ganesan

Linking Return on Investment to Customer Experience in Buildings

We are all accustomed to using our smartphone apps providing us with instant gratification at the touch of screen. Customer Experience (CX) has taken centerstage like never before. Service providers, such as Uber and Airbnb, have brought instant convenience into our lives to such an

Internet of Things
Priya Shankar

Connectivity – The basis for optimizing your building’s assets

In our earlier post, we talked about how Connectivity can enhance the user experience in a Commercial Real Estate(CRE). But it’s also at the heart of optimal asset performance in your buildings. Let’s dig into this deep. The ability to network and connect devices is