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Property Management Responding to Covid-19
FM Growth
Nivedha Sridhar

Practical tactics on how Property Management can respond to Covid-19

In times of crisis, property operations and management teams can play a highly crucial role in responding swiftly and effectively to the viral outbreak.  Although many schools and universities are shutting down and ‘work-from-home’ arrangements being mooted by businesses, the contagious nature of the virus

Women in FM
FM Growth

20 Inspiring Women who are Changing the Culture in Real Estate

It wasn’t too long ago when a remark like “That’s a man’s job” was just accepted as the norm.  For the longest time, the choices we made in the workforce were dictated not by an individual’s calibre but by their gender.  Just to give context:

tenant engagement
Tenant Satisfaction
Priya Shankar

7 effective ways to deliver on your promise of outstanding tenant experience

“The rise of the ‘experience economy,’ has resulted in the business-critical need to understand customers and use that data to design a real-time personal experience.” – Intel. Indulged in convenience and accustomed to instant access of information at the touch of a button, modern tenants

state of cre operations
Priya Shankar

Top 2020 trends that will influence Real Estate Portfolio growth: A CRE 3.0 Report

2019 was an eventful year for the Commercial Real Estate (CRE). Smart technologies introduced intelligence and mobility to an otherwise rigid and reactive building management. It quickly propelled building owners into embracing a flurry of data-harnessing solutions that served occupier comfort. But the transition was

FM Growth
Ajay Ramamoorthy

5 Step Guide to Data-driven Property Management

Global market insights inc just released their report on the worldwide market value for the FM industry by 2025, and it was a staggering 2 trillion dollars!  The growth of world tourism has had a glaring effect in driving the need for efficiently managed facilities,